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Series: The Rise Of The Active Consumer (Part V)

Last week we discussed research that described how important Brand Advocates are to the marketing of your business. We hit on some of the goals of brand advocates, including that they like to help other people make good purchase decisions. Brand advocates do this by sharing with prospective customers information and opinions on products/services/brand experiences. In addition, brand advocates like to be seen as useful to others from their sharing of pertinent information. Brand advocates also enjoy interacting with people, primarily through social media platforms, in their ever-expanding sphere of influence.

Series: The Rise Of The Active Consumer (Part IV)

Continuing our examination of the Active Consumer, and his/her increasing influence in today’s brand-consumer relationship, let us take a deeper look into ways to turn this “power player” into a Brand Advocate (a discourse began in Part III). This relationship must be nurtured through careful engagement.

Series: The Rise Of The Active Consumer (Part III)

This series continues an examination of the new “power player” in the brand-consumer relationship: The Active Consumer. Armed with brand information that is expected to be found quickly and with ease, the active consumer also expects quick responses to questions and comments posed to brands on the various channels and platforms offered via social media, and for there to be a more two-way, conversational relationship between them and the brands that they support.

Series: The Rise OF The Active Consumer (Part II)

A few months ago I was online looking to purchase a re-supply of a protein powder that I have been using for quite some time. It was sold out at the big online supplement company that I normally use and it was sold out at the brick-and-mortar commercial supplement shop that I use in a pinch. I sent a tweet to the brand asking why I couldn’t find the product anywhere, including their website, and waited. I didn’t hear back from them for a couple of days, after which I saw them respond on Twitter to another person. I was not happy and said as much in a new Tweet directed to them, but written in a way that it was public. Hey, I have spent a lot of money over the years with that brand and I expect them to respond if I ask a pertinent question regarding the availability of one of their products. While I waited for a couple of days on a response to my tweet, an Edison Research study found that consumers expect brands to be ready to respond very quickly to posts made on the brand’s social media platforms: 42% in under an hour, 25% in the same day and 9% want it in 5 minutes!

Today is my 45th birthday and I am celebrating it by sharing my first blog post!

My name is C.W. Harris. I am a Brand Architect & Strategist.On this blog I will be sharing original and curated content about branding, marketing, and advertising, as well as how new technologies are changing how those are done. I will also be sharing motivational and inspirational items, along with personal stories, and the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship that come with building this Branding + Multimedia Marketing Agency with my two friends, Chris and Joe. In addition to being passionate about this work, all three of us are husbands and fathers.

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