Like all great things that are built to last and have an impact on the world, a strong brand is built from the inside/out. It is forged from its “Why?”, and known for the consistent manner in which it delivers its promise to its target audience over and over again. ~ C.W. Harris


How We Define Branding

Hello, everyone! I hope that all is well and that you and yours are happily getting ready for the holidays! With that being said, I will make this blog post shorter than usual, though the information contained within is very insightful in understanding our philosophy around branding, the brand experience, and how we connect your brand to your target audience!

How We Define Branding

  In the first blog post that I ever wrote, titled The Rise Of The Active Consumer, I spoke to the fact that the expanding number of social media platforms has changed the brand–to-consumer relationship dynamic. Gone are the days of a one-way relationship where the brand dictated the conversation via television, radio, magazine, or billboard ads. Nowadays, your brand experience must include digital, direct, and advertising among other channels. If possible, events and in-store functions should also be incorporated. The goal is to create a two-way relationship with people and inspire them to purchase your products/services, and ultimately, to become brand advocates.

How We Define Branding

Hey, let’s get right into it!I need to make a distinction before I go forward. The process that we employ at C.W. Harris Chicago has many parts that all come together as a whole to position your brand in the best way possible. As I said in last week’s blog, the first step that we take is to delve deep into what your brand is. We want to know it’s “Why?” We want to know what makes it unique. We want to know who your target audience is. From questions and conversations with you, and perhaps, your customers, to performing brand and competitive audits, all the while helping you to define your brand’s core values and promise, we do what in the industry is called Brand Discovery.

How We Define Branding

Hello, friends! How ya be?! My Michigan State Spartans lost to Indiana last night in football, so I am glad that I get to write about branding, which I love, to get my mind off of that debacle!
C.W. Harris Chicago is a full-service branding and marketing agency that connects your brand to its target audience.So, what exactly is branding and how does it benefit your brand?

Series: The Rise Of The Active Consumer (Part V)

Last week we discussed research that described how important Brand Advocates are to the marketing of your business. We hit on some of the goals of brand advocates, including that they like to help other people make good purchase decisions. Brand advocates do this by sharing with prospective customers information and opinions on products/services/brand experiences. In addition, brand advocates like to be seen as useful to others from their sharing of pertinent information. Brand advocates also enjoy interacting with people, primarily through social media platforms, in their ever-expanding sphere of influence.

Series: The Rise Of The Active Consumer (Part IV)

Continuing our examination of the Active Consumer, and his/her increasing influence in today’s brand-consumer relationship, let us take a deeper look into ways to turn this “power player” into a Brand Advocate (a discourse began in Part III). This relationship must be nurtured through careful engagement.

Series: The Rise Of The Active Consumer (Part III)

This series continues an examination of the new “power player” in the brand-consumer relationship: The Active Consumer. Armed with brand information that is expected to be found quickly and with ease, the active consumer also expects quick responses to questions and comments posed to brands on the various channels and platforms offered via social media, and for there to be a more two-way, conversational relationship between them and the brands that they support.

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